"i don't want to school you on journalism, but..." (velvetandlace) wrote in 20weeks,
"i don't want to school you on journalism, but..."

Abundance - Kaylee.

For the Abundance challenge: Kaylee.
100 words.

That little wooden box held the secrets of sunlight.

Sitting there so innocuously on the bench, lid poised half-open, deep red peeking through, catching the stark light and scents radiating through the tiny mess. Such a small thing, but so important, so bubbling with delight and beauty and sharp sweetness of colour.

Everything seemed livelier with something so fresh and natural nearby; Kaylee thought the ship smelled sweeter (sweeter than grease, even, sweeter than her girl usually smelled – scents colliding, passion and nature and heady rushes), and the taste...

The taste was like happiness on the tongue, pure explosive richness.
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