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Do you love making icons? Do you love writing fanfic? Do you love making vids? Do you love to comment? Do you love to rant about how wonderful your fandom is?

If you answered yes to any one of those you may proceed to the following

Do you love Wash?

If you answered yes to that last one, then have I got the perfect place for you.


Where we will shortly be having a multi-medium challenge centered on our BDH Wash with a lovely banner prize, and the option of having a Graphic or Vid request to be answered by either I or frodolyn
So head over and post all of your Wash loving goodness!
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Challenge # 5: Kaylee-Hands

I am so so behind and with less than two weeks left until the BDM *squee*, I'm not sure I'll get all my fics done. Just clearing out whichever are done right now.

Title: What he Says
Author: underhand_glory
Characters: Simon and Kaylee
Pairings: Simon/Kaylee
Rating: Um, G? I really have no clue. Let's settle for "worksafe"
Spoilers and Warnings: none
Word count: 468
Notes: I have a problem with paragraphs and making them long enough. Yup.

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challenge 10: [free week/endings]

Two weeks! Two weeks! Two weeks!

Okay, since this is the last two weeks we'll be together, I would like to encourage EVERYONE to create something. Big or small, drabble or epic, character-focused or not, just something that explores why you love Firefly so much and are so thrilled about September 30.

If, like me, you crave prompts, you can focus your fic/art around endings, since this is, for us, the end of our waiting time and the beginning of something new!

Love to all. Stay free,

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challenge 9: home

We're on the home stretch; Serenity will be in theatres in just four weeks. Are you excited? I'm excited. I'm also the proud new owner of the first two volumes of the Serenity comic, which makes me happy like whoa. In any event -- good luck, and my love to all, and prayers for those of you caught in Katrina.

Stay free,